Hullachan Highland Red


The new Highland Red ghillie is part of the latest Highland ghillie range from Hullachan.

The pump has been designed in partnership with Craig Coussins and is the most innovative Highland ghillie on the market.

The Highland Red has a uniquely beautiful one piece upper without a front seam. There is no loop at the front of the ghillie and the front has been cut straight across the top of the foot.

This allows for a shorter front which will suit dancers with a more rounded toe shape, where the toes are almost straight across the first 2 or 3 toes or dancers with a wider foot. The ghillie forms perfectly around these foot shapes and creates a wonderful tight clean point.

It has a narrower sole than previous models which allows a closer fit around the foot and an improved overall shape.

It has a revolutionary new arch eyelet system which allows dancers to achieve a beautiful arch profile as well as offering unrivalled arch support. The eyelet allows dancers to pull the ghillie up into their arches so that they are supported and protected.

The Highland Red also has a dual layer insole which has been designed to absorb impact shock as well as provide a soft comfortable pad to dance on, reducing foot fatigue and the risk of injury.

The toe and heel have also been redesigned so that they feel secure on the foot.

Reinforced stitching creates a very strong, long-lasting ghillie.

Available currently in 2 widths (medium and wide) to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Packed with innovative features this ghillie should be on the shopping list of all serious Highland dancers!

Sizing Guide

The Antonio Pacelli website offers some great sizing advice. Just measure the length of your foot (they have articles on how to do this accurately) and use their size guides.

Size Range

Children’s Sizes 1(UK) - Adult Size 7(UK)

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