How To Do An Accurate Foot Tracing

Getting the correct size pump or ghillie can be difficult, as sizing does vary between brands. So if you are trying our shoes for the first time then you can use this guide to measure your feet and then check what size would suit you best from the size guide on the page of the dance shoe you are buying.

Here are our top tips for creating an accurate measurement.

1. Place a clear piece of A4 paper up against a wall so that the edge of the paper touches the wall.

2. Put on the socks you normally wear when dancing and place your foot on the paper and put your heel up against the wall. (Double check that the paper is still touching the wall once you have put your foot on it just in case it has moved).

3. Once you are happy that both the paper and your heel are against the wall, relax your foot and toes and draw a line at the longest point of the foot (or ask a friend or family member to do this for you).

4. Now take the paper and draw a straight line to the longest point and measure with a ruler.

5. This is the measurement you will need to work out what size to order.

Please note that while this method is a good way of assessing the correct size, we cannot guarantee that this method will deliver the correct size in 100% of cases.

Click here to find out why using the sizing chart cannot guarantee the perfect fit.

We cannot accept liability for return postage in the event where this sizing method is used and the size is incorrect.